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“If you’re not thrilled with our work, we’ll come back and re-clean the area – no hassle and no charge. And if you’re still not pleased, we will give you your money back!”

“Like 911, We Respond 24/7!”
Daystar will walk you through
the insurance process to quickly
get you back to pre-loss conditions.
Tell your agent “I prefer Daystar!”

“We’ve used Daystar on multiple occasions.
We’re always very satisfied. But I know
that if we’re not, Daystar will respond and
make it right!” – Barry Parker, Panama City


Carpet Cleaning Panama City, FL

6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Company:

  1. No pushy sales games ever!
  2. Exact price quote before the work is started.
  3. You’ll never be charged extra for normal spot removal, preconditioning, or deep cleaning that other companies charge extra for.
  4. Our technicians are fully trained and IICRC certified.
  5. We take extra care with Oriental Rugs.
  6. No-risk cleaning! 100% Guaranteed!

Daystar Cleaning & Restoration provides hot water, truck-mounted, steam-extraction cleaning. This kind of cleaning will:

  • Keep your carpet warranty valid.
  • Provide the healthiest environment for your family.


Things to consider before choosing a carpet cleaner to come into your home:

  • Although price is often the most important factor, when it comes to carpet cleaning Panama City FL, you pretty much get what you pay for.
  • Beware of companies which use bait and switch tactics to charge you more for sub-standard services.
  • Consider the value of the service you are receiving, and ask questions about training, experience, methods, and certifications.

Daystar technicians are IICRC certified, meaning they meet the industry standards and have the training and experience to effectively clean your carpets. They are trained in the proper application of cleaning solutions, using the right product for each type of problem area.

Need more information? Check out our Consumer Information Guides below.

FREE Consumer’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning:

  • How To Avoid Four Carpet Cleaning Rip-Offs
  • Six Costly Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning
  • Four Recommendations For A Fresh, Clean, Healthy Carpet

Informative guide: Carpet Protection – It Really Works!

  • Shield your carpet fibers to make each vacuuming more effective
  • Prolong the life of one of your home’s largest investments – your carpets

For occasional mishaps, check out our Spot Removal Guide.

For your convenience, we provide a Carpet Cleaning Checklist for tips on making your cleaning experience go as smoothly as possible.


We will Come Out  To Your Home

There Is A Big Difference

“Technicians provided excellent service. Both were very professional, friendly, and did a great job cleaning the carpet. It looked 100% better-had the usually worn look, now it looks almost brand new and smells great. Your service was great and everyone associated with the company was very helpful and had a great attitude. Very satisfied customer.” – Tonya Riley, USAF

“Respectful, prompt and gave accurate information…courteous demeanor when you came to our home and confidence in cleaning. Fresh job: Very satisfied and pleased. Excellent job and offer an organic and baby safe cleaner.” – Cindy B.

“In awe, amazed, relieved, and ever so happy! All stains were gone. Very professional & friendly service!!! The technician was very polite! My carpet is only 3 years old – you made it look brand new again – I was afraid we would have to buy new carpet!” – Sonja Wells, Panama City

“Our carpet looked like it needed replacing-after it looked brand new and smelled very fresh!” – Crystal Kelly

“Did a marvelous job (and on chair too)! I’m thrilled it was so thoroughly clean!!” – Charles & Amelia Peek, Retired

“Excellent-very polite and professional.Looks like new.” – Fidelma Knight, USAF

“Great-I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer! I have baby twins who spilled milk all over the floor-it looks great now! Everyone should use Daystar-good service, prompt, polite and they did a great job. I was so impressed by the free spotter, and then a Thank You note in the mail-no improvement needed!” – Janet Singletary, Real Estate Broker

“Very pleased with services. A burden had been lifted. Clean and bright with fresh smell. Highly recommend.” – Bobbie Gray, Bay Medical

“Sure looked good and the house feels cleaner. Some of the carpet is very old, but it looks a lot brighter now. Good service, good work.” – Ms. Holt, Sales Associate

“Excellent, professional service. The spot was dark and afterwards carpet looked new. Will recommend Daystar.” – Sylvia Odenward, Consultant

“Dear Steve: I recently had the unfortunate opportunity of getting to use your cleaning service for a major problem that I had. I say “unfortunate” not on your behalf…but let me explain… On the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day, my husband and I were working to try and finish getting a rental apartment that we own ready to be rented. Just the week prior to this, we had new carpet and tile installed, and on this day, I was doing some touch up painting in the living room. It was late, we were tired, I was trying to hurry and finish so that I wouldn’t have to do it later that week, so as I was working along, I did not notice that my daughter had left the full bucket of paint on top of the ladder that was now in my way…I proceeded to move the ladder and the paint bucket came crashing down spilling paint all over me and the brand new carpet in the living room. I became hysterical to say the least. My husband immediately called your phone number all while I was still hysterical because I didn’t believe that it could be cleaned. I asked him why he called your company because it was not the one that we normally use. He simply said that he had heard good things about your company and was going to give you a try. He spoke to your technician who I now refer to as a “life-saver,” and he advised to keep the paint wet, not to let it dry out and he would be on his way; he arrived in what seemed like minutes. I was still crying when he arrived, not real hopeful he could make a difference. He went straight to work. As he worked steadily on removing the paint, I began to see that he was right, the paint was coming out, and I could calm down. Then I wanted to cry because he did get it out and he saved us from having to replace the new carpet all together. All I can say is that you have a very good person to represent your company. All my friends and family WILL hear about his good work. We will definitely use your company again!” – Sincerely, Barbara N.

“The carpets were very dirty – my mother-in-law is home bound – currently hospitalized and the place needed a good cleaning before she is able to come home. Josh did a great job and was very courteous and thorough!” – Raye Apple, Panama City Beach

“Was thoroughly pleased. If any friend mentions the need for carpet cleaning, I will certainly recommend your company.” – Rose Greenwood

“Quality, friendliness. Carpets are 7 years old, but now look almost new. He dried the berber carpet with a special machine. Instead of being wet for 3 days it was only wet for several hours. Thanks.” – Jack Myers, Panama City Beach

“After the service I felt like I never wanted to let the children in the house with their shoes on again! Before – dull, matted and dark. After – light, bodied and fluffy. Excellent job, cheaper than replacement – had a new home and new carpet feeling after the cleaning. The technician even let me know it would take a little longer than normal to dry since it was a rainy/humid day.” – Lisa Tonn, Panama City

“The man was very polite, early. He was friendly but not overly friendly, it was a comfortable situation. My husband heard your ad on the radio and liked your guarantee. Clean and refreshed. I didn’t think it would come so clean. Before it was filthy. I take care of my grandson during the day and his sippy cup drips everywhere. I was shocked at how clean it was. The technician was polite and friendly but business like. He explained why some spots wouldn’t come out and told me how to dry it faster.” – Vicki Johnson, Lynn Haven

“Made my heart smile! It’s like night and day. Plus the fresh clean smell. He did an outstanding job. He is totally professional and people friendly. Excellent tech.” – Thomas McIntosh, Panama City

“Great! Carpet was stained and I wasn’t sure it would clean up. Bad stains in 3 areas; cleaned up beautifully!! Very satisfied.” – Martha Claussen, Panama City Beach

“Our dog had gotten sick all over our living room carpet and Daystar worked hard to get someone out that day. We have used you for many years; love Brian – he is very complete in his work. Loved both carpet job and then kitchen floor was superb. Dog was sick on carpet 18 times, need I say more. He did the best job. I always recommend you to friends & family. Everyone was polite and efficient.” – Beverly Smith, Lynn Haven

“Extended a professional courtesy. “Daystar” has definite connotations to me. Your telephone book ad is very professional. Before – knew that it would never come clean. After – knew that I could be wrong. The attention given to the job was complete.” – Kenneth Coots, Lynn Haven

“Very pleased how much cleaner this appeared. Carpet was very dirty in high traffic areas & looked as clean as the carpet was under the furniture when done. Best carpet cleaning I have had done. Man was honest & professional.” – Alan Binney, Panama City Beach

“Great! Decided to go ahead and have carpet cleaned the same day of quote. Loved it! I will certainly tell everyone to call you for the service and cleaning. There was nothing that he could have done any better. He was very pleasant and did a wonderful job.” – Margie Lilly, Panama City

“Very good. I know what kind of people the Ransoms are so I knew the kind of service I would get. Very Good. Stains and smells were gone. The service was excellent.” – Deedee Albritton, Panama City

“We have used Daystar exclussively since our carpet was installed in 2000. Trustworthy and prompt.Excellent!” – George & Edith Helt, Panama City

“So Satisfied….It’s like a new carpet!! WONDERFUL!” – Barbara Simmons, Panama City

“Your technician was so professional! He took such pride in his work–I was so impressed! It’s a pleasure doing business with a company that has such good employees! He took pride in his work; was courteous.. GREAT.. I will certainly recommend you!” – Rose-Marie Brooks, Panama City

“Your techis very conscientious and thorough, also very personable. Most satisfied! Carpet had not been cleaned since January and pathways were especially dirty. Looked clean, fresh, etc. after cleaning. Highly recommend.” – Sue Holcombe, Panama City

“Your technician was super! He was so good at his job and so professional! I would love to have him come back out and do my couch!” – Leah Dunn, Panama City

“My carpet is 7 years old and it looks fantastic! There’s not a spot on it. This was spectacular. Just like brand new!” – Frankie Day, Panama City

“Very polite!Right on time. So happy–it looked so clean. Before there was a lot of spots and it looked dirty. Now it’s all one color! Efficient & courteous & affordable.” – Kelly Merriman, Panama City

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