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Natural Stone Floor Cleaning & Sealing

When it comes to protecting and maintaining one of your largest home investments – your beautiful, natural stone flooring – it is best left to the professionals. We at Daystar Cleaning have restored many stone floors because they were either cared for improperly, or not properly sealed.

For example, many typical household cleaners, including vinegar, can damage stone floors. Improper cleaning can also cause scratches which are difficult to remove. Daystar Cleaning uses special equipment to polish out scratches, restoring your natural floor’s beautiful luster and shine!

Many people don’t realize that natural stone, such as marble, travertine, limestone, or granite is actually a porous material. Left unsealed, stone floors can absorb food, oil, and beverage spills like a sponge. Proper sealing and maintenance can protect your flooring investment from permanent damage by creating an invisible barrier to reduce spill penetration. Daystar Cleaning uses the finest professional long-lasting sealant to protect your beautiful floor.

To learn more about caring for your hard surface floor, see our FREE Consumer’s Guide to Hard Surface Cleaning.


Clara Mae Molino

“It’s beautiful-would highly recommend your services.” – Paula J. Nutter, Bookkeeper

“A super job-recommend your firm.” – Max Clark, Retired

“They have always been pleasant, courtious and articulate…I liked the idea of a locally owned small business that obviously takes pride in professionalism.” – Kate Brackett, Panama City Beach

“Very informative, very courteous. Steve is always courteous, friendly, professional. very satisfied with prior cleanings in past. Before – bad; after – great.” – Millicent Sniffin, Panama City

“Steve was very polite, explained what they would do and the cost. Looks great! Before it was dull and drab, after it looks shiny and clean. I will tell my family and friends about your great service. Excellent service, very satisfied. Tech was very polite and helpful.” – Mary Cummings, Panama City Beach

“Very professional … pleased … Believe the ads about Daystar. Reasonably priced.” – Countess Saffold, Panama City

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