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Sewage Damage

Whether the toilet is overflowing or the septic tank has sprung a leak, sewage damage is extremely unpleasant and HAZARDOUS to your health. Bacteria and pathogens thrive in sewage, and can put you and your family at risk of developing health issues. Sewage can find its way into your personal belongings and building structure, and if not handled correctly, the pathogens can become airborne.

Hire a Professional!

Do not try to perform sewage damage cleanup on your own! Sewage damage cleanup is risky and dangerous, and requires specialized training and strict health and safety precautions.

Call Daystar Cleaning & Restoration!

Daystar Cleaning & Restoration specializes in sewage damage cleanup, and has trained technicians who know what precautions need to be taken when dealing with this sort of damage. Our team will clean and disinfect any and all affected areas and items, safely and efficiently.

Tips on Dealing with Sewage Damage

  • Do not enter the affected area.
  • Call emergency services if the situation is life threatening.
  • Don’t touch or handle any items that may be affected.
  • Trust the professionals at Daystar Cleaning & Restoration!

To avoid additional structural damage, mold, and other health risks, call Daystar Cleaning & Restoration today at (850)769-0606! We are available 24/7/365, and have the quickest response time around!


When storm damage occurs, ground water flooding is filled with harmful bacteria, which must be properly removed from your home. Daystar Cleaning and Restoration technicians are trained and certified in safeguarding your health, while working with your insurance company to restore you to pre-loss conditions as safely and quickly as possible. DO NOT attempt to save carpeting or flooring which has been contaminated with ground water flooding. It must be replaced, to prevent future illnesses which can be caused by bacterial-contaminated materials.


Daystar Cleaning Water Damage Clients

“Called on a Sunday evening around 9:30 PM, had service by 10:30. Heard name on radio, I know the signifcance of the word “Daystar.” The best service in Bay County. I am so thankful for all you did.” – Charles Giersberg, Panama City

“Thank You for your midnight distress call!! Your technicians are professionals! They take pride in their work ethics! They are concerned for your satisfaction; about our pet! (thank you) and they want their company to succeed! Very hard working young folks!” – Terry Chiodo, Panama City

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