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mold removal west bay

Preventing Mold Growth In Your Home

There are numerous methods for mold to get into your house (mold spores travel through open doorways, windows, vents, and HVAC systems, and are carried inside on shoes, clothes, and pets). Once inside, mold will congregate on surfaces and wait for a moisture-rich environment before starting to grow. After being exposed to moisture for as […]

mold removal west bay

Reasons For Professional Mold Removal In Your Home

Mold can quickly develop in many households, particularly in dark, humid, and hidden areas. Mold negatively affects your health and destroys your property among other things. It is critical to understand how to recognize mold signs in order to act promptly and prevent further damage to both property and loved ones’ health. Mold Removal In […]

NEW Rug Pads & November Special

Introductory Offer Right now you can enjoy an Introductory 10% Off our new custom-fit rug pads! Our new rug pads will keep your rug in place, protect your floor from spills and accidents, and will give your rug a luxurious feel under your feet! These pads will not discolor your floor or cause allergic reactions. […]

water damage west bay

Signs Of Water Damage In The Bathroom

One of the most challenging parts of owning a home is knowing when a problem is occurring especially with water damage. Water damage can occur in any room in the house, but the bathroom is one room that is more prone to it on account of its high water usage. All the appliances built into […]

west bay water damage

West Bay Water Damage Tips

When you experience water damage in your home or business, it can be overwhelmingly stressful. Aside from the potential loss of sentimental items and damage to your property-  navigating proper restoration from professionals may be the last thing on your mind. When this happens, most people find themselves trying to clean up the mess immediately. […]

Get Rugs Through-and-Through Clean!

Did you know that Daystar Cleaning & Restoration is the area’s premier rug cleaning plant? Most local rug dealerships recommend Daystar. You can beat the HOLIDAY RUSH by calling us today at 850-769-0606 to have your fine Oriental and area rugs cleaned. Our unique, gentle water bath system ensures that your rug will be cleaned […]

Water Damage West Bay

Water Damage Restoration Services in the West Bay – What to Expect?

Your house is in danger from a variety of various hazards. Water damage is one of the most frequent catastrophes that may befall many households in West Bay. Naturally, dealing with any kind of tragedy in your house can be stressful, which is why restoration firms like Daystar Cleaning exist. They can help you get […]

4th of July Blowout Special And More!

Need your rug cleaned but can’t bear the thought of moving everything, rolling it up, packing it into a truck, and driving across town? Let Daystar do it all for you for FREE!* (*Free in most parts of Bay County; in other areas, $50 OFF!) Learn more about Rug Care in our Rug Video Library! […]

Happy Independence Day!

How to Read and Understand the Declaration of Independence Have you ever read the Declaration of Independence? Did you know it only takes about ten minutes? More importantly, why should any American read the Declaration? The short answer is: So it never happens again. Why Did They Write It? Understanding why the Declaration of Independence […]

Mold Removal West Bay 

Mold Removal West Bay – 7 Steps of Effective Mold Removal

Mold is a fungus that grows and usually builds up in wet places. It is a natural thing in the environment and plays an important role by breaking down dead organic materials like trees, fallen leaves, and food. Mold is a common name for non-fungal groups like water molds and slime molds. They were known […]

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