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3 Water Damage Myths

water damage restoration panama city beachNavigating the world of water damage restoration can be filled with information and opinions. So how do you cut through it all and know how to separate the truth from it all? From assumptions about the safety of floodwater to underestimating the daunting task of cleaning up water damage on your own, knowledge is power. Understanding the facts equips you as homeowners and property owners to protect your spaces.

The “Why” Behind Water Damage Restoration Misconception – Panama City Beach

There are a number of factors that contribute to having so many misconceptions when it comes to water damage. A lot of times, people lack awareness and do not understand how complex water damage restoration actually is. This can also be impacted by people only having partial truths – such as hearing information but lacking a complete understanding can easily lead to misconceptions. The DIY culture also encourages people to tackle restoration projects without giving them professional guidance to ensure a successful project.

Myth #1: The Smell After Water Damage Will Go Away On Its Own

The smell after water damage is often from mold growth. Because mold can germinate as soon as 24 hours of water damage occurs, it brings more than just structural damage to it. Mold is a fungus that emits a musty odor that can be rather potent. Once it starts to become noticeable, it has infiltrated the entire home. Simply waiting will not get rid of the musty smell. Mold has to have a proactive process to be able to remove it, from drying to dehumidifying and even sanitizing. It will not be removed any other way.

Myth #2: I Already Experienced A Leak, It Won’t Happen Again

Just because you fixed a leak doesn’t mean you will never experience a leak again. Contrary to the thought that a leak is a one-time deal, you are at least 2 times more likely to have another one arise. Water damage isn’t just a common occurrence, it is a costly one. Water damage restoration or cleanup is something that you will most likely experience multiple times throughout your lifetime. Embracing those odds, it is a good idea to take extra precautions to safeguard your property.

Myth #3: I Can Just Use A Water Removal Equipment Rental

It might seem more cost-efficient to just rent water removal equipment, but the truth is that water damage restoration is more complex than it may appear. While renting equipment might be tempting, it can be a bigger challenge than you anticipated. You share a different knowledge or expertise than a restoration company, and if you do not properly clean up or handle the restoration process, you can have bigger and more expensive problems later on. Professionals have the knowledge to handle water damage restoration and keep your property safe without you having to sacrifice a successful restoration process by attempting to do it yourself.

Debunking Myths And Empowering People

When it comes to water damage restoration, debunking myths isn’t just about proving the misconceptions wrong. It is about empowering and educating home or property owners to be able to feel confident to make informed decisions. Knowing the facts is the best way to start safeguarding your property and home. Call our team at Daystar Cleaning & Restoration if you have more questions; we are here to help your frontline defense to protect your home.