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AC Water Damage

water damage west bayWith the warm and humid climate in West Bay, Florida, the air conditioning units are running full blast in the summer. With continual usage, it is crucial to keep up with routine maintenance to avoid any water damage caused by HVAC systems. Air conditioning units and HVAC systems are common culprits of water damage in homes, so keeping them maintained is essential.  They can cause water damage because air conditioners use a cold evaporator coil to cool the air in your home. The coil removes moisture from the warm air that passes through it, cooling it down, and the moisture is then released outside your room. The cool air is then pushed back into your living space. However, the moisture can accumulate in the HVAC system and cause significant water damage in your home. Common causes of water leaks from cooling systems are:

  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Clogged drains
  • Improperly connected pipes

Water Damage West Bay

Most of these problems can be prevented with proper maintenance and care. Here are some tips on how to prevent water damage from your HVAC system: 

  1. Change your HVAC filter regularly. A dirty filter can cause your system to work harder than necessary, leading to frozen coils and eventually water leaks resulting in water damage. Changing the filter at least every three months is recommended, but during the hot summer months, it’s best to change it every month since your AC is working 24/7 to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Changing the filter is easy to do, and even services available will ship you a new filter for your furnace every few months so you do not forget to change it out. 
  2. Check your condensation drain line regularly. Ensure that water is flowing freely and there are no obstructions in the drain line. You can flush the drain line once or twice a year with an algaecide to prevent mold or algae growth. If you notice any clogs, remove them and resolve them quickly. Check the connections on the drain line to ensure they are tight and leak-free.
  3. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, have your HVAC system inspected by a professional at least once a year. HVAC systems are complicated and require proper training and experience to navigate them correctly. Professionals can inspect and fix problems related to all system components, including those that could cause leaks and water damage. Ductwork, furnace flames, grills, registers, AC compressors, and thermostats require special attention to optimize your cooling system. Be sure to schedule routine maintenance inspections with a trained professional so you can catch and resolve issues before they become significant problems.

We know how vital AC and HVAC units are to our homes in West Bay and throughout Florida, which is why we wanted to be sure you are taking correct care of them to keep them functioning effectively and to prevent the risk of water damage. In the unfortunate event of water damage in your West Bay home, whether from your HVAC system or any other source (i.e., burst pipe, flooded toilet, a leaky roof, etc.), be sure to call the water damage experts at Daystar Cleaning and Restoration.