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Avoid DIY Mold Removal

mold removal west bayMold is never a good thing to find in your home. They grow wherever moisture is present and spread through the air and water. If mold is present, it can cause damage not only to the structure but also to you and any residents in your home. 

Mold lives on organic materials like paper, wood, fabric, and other materials. Unfortunately, our homes are made of just that and can be a feeding paradise for mold if there is also moisture present. This can be because of poor ventilation, leaks, or previous water damage that wasn’t properly cleaned. When mold is in our homes, it can eat away at any of those organic materials, like drywall, carpet, floors, beams, studs, and other important structures. If this is left unchecked, it can cause irreparable damage that can lead to collapse and cave-ins.

In addition to mold being a hazard to your home, it is also dangerous to anyone who lives in a home with mold growth. Mold exposure can cause different variations of sickness among residents, from allergy and irritation to infections. 

Mold Removal – West Bay

Taking care of mold the right way can make a huge difference in personal safety, as well as how much time and money is spent overall on the cleanup. Many DIY websites may even suggest that it is a quick, money-saving process that anyone can do. However, attempting to start the mold removal process without any professional experience can actually be dangerous and more costly to do on your own. 

More Problems

Unbeknownst to most people, the mold removal process is actually very complicated and time-consuming. In addition, it is a process that must be done swiftly, as mold spreads quickly through air, clothing, water, and just about any other organic material it can stick to. As the spores become airborne and spread, the bigger the problem will become. 

While cleaning the mold, anything that is used to do so will have to be thrown out to stop mold spread. There are stages that professionals take to properly clean and remove equipment and items used in the process to ensure all mold is eliminated from your home. Failure to properly decontaminate after a removal process can reignite the issue, defeating the point of your hard work.

Negative Health Impacts

The mold that grows in your home is considered to be a health hazard because of the mycotoxins it produces, which can cause harm to the respiratory and immune systems. Though the effects of mold can vary from person to person, any level of exposure to mold is not suitable for the body. If mold is found within the home, even in small amounts, mold removal must be begun immediately to ensure health and safety. Some people can actually be allergic to mold, causing them to have symptoms such as a headache, runny nose, and itchy eyes, nose, and throat. Moreover, mold can trigger attacks in those that have asthma. 

All Mold May Not Be Removed

The mold spores are unseen and can be in places you might not think to check. More often than not, the mold you cannot see causes more issues than the ones you can see. It might be behind walls, in crawl spaces, or cover larger areas than you are aware of. Moreover, mold can easily make it into the HVAC system in your home and continuously circulate. You can put tons of work into attempting to remove all the mold and may not even scratch the surface. There could also be underlying issues that you are also not aware of and spend time on a fruitless job. 

When you first see mold in your home, you may want to try cleaning it up to get rid of it quickly. However, mold truly is a bigger danger and hassle than you should be dealing with on your own. It’s essential to keep in mind the safety of yourself and those around you and leave mold removal to the professionals at Daystar Cleaning