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Why Do We Shoot Off Fireworks on July 4th?

The first celebration came in earnest on July 4, 1777, described on July 5 in the Pennsylvania Evening Post as a demonstration of “joy and festivities.” Ships “dressed in the gayest manner, with the colors of the United States and streamers displayed” approached the city and fired off 13 cannon shots, one for each colony-turned-state.

A woman sitting on a Persian rug in a rustic living room, smiling as she pets a basset hound, with a black dog standing nearby. The warm, inviting space features a large wooden staircase and cozy furnishings, highlighting the rug's role in home decor and pet-friendly living.

Benefits Of Regular Professional Cleaning For Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are beautiful. They are both useful as floor coverings and enrich the room with their subtle elegance and personality. Over time, the contaminants that accumulate on these delicate, highly crafted works of art can leave them looking dirty and dull, and remove years from their life. This is why regularly having Persian rugs […]