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Remedy Home Water Leaks Safely

No one expects to come home to a wet floor or spongy carpet. It’s always what you least expected – a faucet not turned off completely, a leak under the sink, a hot water heater gone bad, or something my wife and I experienced recently – a leaking second-floor toilet.

In our August issue of Healthy Life News, I share issues that need to be addressed, besides the wet floor. What kind of water has intruded? Did it have time to permeate the drywall, wood, and insulation? Did mold have a chance to germinate and start growing?

Find the answers you need in this month’s issue, along with our $100 OFF SPECIAL, good, clean funnies, a great summer recipe, and more tips for a smart, healthy life.

Stay cool and hydrated, watch out for school kids walking to the bus stop, and call us if we can help with any cleaning or restoration!

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