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Fight Mold By Improving Home Air Flow

mold removal panama city, mold cleanup panama city, mold remediation panama cityMold in the home isn’t just unsightly – it’s also unhealthy. While you may know that excess moisture is the primary driver of mold growth, by improving air circulation in the house, homeowners can effectively combat mold growth and improve the home’s interior air quality. We at Daystar Cleaning recommend the following tips to guard against mold and maintain a healthier environment in Panama City.

Open Windows

One of the easiest ways to improve home airflow is to open your windows whenever the weather permits. By opening windows or a door on opposite sides of the home, you’ll create cross-ventilation to allow fresh air to flow through the home, carrying excess humidity and moisture out with it. If there isn’t much of a breeze that day, you can help things out by positioning a fan in or near a window, pointing inward into the living space, in order to stimulate cross-ventilation.

Ceiling Fans Can Prevent Mold Growth And More

Ensuring proper ventilation and airflow is an important step in preventing mold growth. Simple ceiling fans can help you prevent mold plus save on energy bills by reducing the load on your heating and cooling system. Choose the correct type of ceiling fans to install in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Ceiling fans have a switch on the base that allows the blades to reverse to help disperse warm air down during the winter; use them all year long.

Use Those Installed Exhaust Fans

Ceiling fans, bathroom fans, attic fans, and kitchen exhaust fans are ideal for improving air circulation in the house. In your bathrooms, hot showers produce a lot of steam that needs to be released out of your home. Installing bathroom fans or window fans help in venting out excess moisture. Let the fans run for at least half an hour to completely dry off the bathroom.

The kitchen is another area with high levels of moisture. The steam that comes out during cooking gets settled up on ceilings, windows, and tiles. The presence of smoke, dust, and oil further adds to the conducive environment for mold growth. Make sure that you run the exhaust fan while cooking so that hot air, smoke, grease, odor, etc. are sent out.

Attic Fans

It’s important to vent the attic space in order to prevent moisture and mold accumulation. Since an attic room lies directly below the pitched roof, all the moisture gets accumulated there. Installing ceiling fans in attic floors and rooms is essential for the proper circulation of fresh air. A whole-house fan is installed at the center of the house and is often switched on in the evening to exhaust hot air that accumulates near the roof.  

Add A Dehumidifier

Since mold loves humidity, use a dehumidifier to reduce atmospheric moisture is a great way to stop mold in its tracks. Dehumidifiers both dry out the air and help circulate it, and are great for targeting certain areas of the home (such as basements) that tend to have poorer airflow or increased humidity. In these cases, dehumidifiers are also a more energy-efficient way of focusing on problem areas versus running your entire air-conditioning system.

 For Mold Removal In Panama City

When you discover mold in your pantry, kitchen, or anywhere in your home, look for a team with the most advanced, specialized equipment to detect hidden moisture sources. Daystar Cleaning, Inc. is a certified firm of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Florida State Certified Mold Mitigator. For 24/7 emergency service in Panama City and Bay County,  please contact us.