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Prime Conditions For Mold Growth And How To Remove It

mold removal panama city, mold damage panama city, mold damage removal panama cityMold is gross. Mold is annoying. Sometimes we find mold in our homes and don’t even know how or why it got there. Mold removal can be tough as well. We can disinfect ourselves. Try to kill it but for some reason it keeps coming back. To truly get the mold removal done right, we need to call the professionals (particularly on mold that has begun to grow into your drywall or has spread a lot). It is helpful to know how mold grows so that we can be more aware of how to prevent it. Mold is a living organism, not like a plant or animal but it is part of the fungi kingdom meaning that it will grow. Just like we need specific things to live and grow, mold requires specific conditions as well. It’s important to know what those are so you are aware of the chances of mold growing in your home and just as mentioned before, be more equipped to prevent it.

Mold Removal In Panama City

Mold Spores

It all starts with a mold spore. Mold spores are everywhere and most definitely traveling around in your home. Mold Spores are invisible to the naked eye and impossible to get rid of entirely. The best course of action is to prevent these spores from settling in the prime conditions for them to flourish and grow.


Moisture creates a happy home for mold to grow. Any sort of water damage can lead to mold growth. Extensive condensation of water in your bathroom or on your air conditioner can also make a good dwelling for mold. In places like Panama City, where the humidity is high, this can become a particular problem. The longer wet conditions exist, the greater chance there is for mold to grow and become a serious problem. 


Oxygen is necessary for life and mold is not excluded from that. For example, even though the depths of lakes and oceans are very wet, there will be no mold growth there because no oxygen is present. Mold needs oxygen in order to perform functions like reproduction and growth.

Prime Temperature

It can’t be too hot and it can’t be too cold, it has to be just right. The unfortunate part is “just right” for mold growth is a pretty wide spectrum as long as the other conditions are prime for mold growth. However super cold temperatures or super hot temperatures can kill mold particularly in places that are really dry like the desert. This is not the case in Panama City, so mold will grow if given the opportunity.

Lack Of Sunlight

Direct sunlight will kill mold. Most mold that is found outdoors will be found in dark, dim areas. Lighting inside a house does not have the same effect on mold as sunlight does. Mold will still grow in lighted areas because indoor lights don’t contain the same photons that will kill mold. Allowing sunlight to come through your windows is a good way to begin fighting this.

These are prime conditions for mold to grow and there are certain things we can do to prevent mold growth now that we know what fuels it. However, sometimes mold will begin to grow and we won’t even notice until it has done more damage than we can simply remove on our own. We need to call in the professionals like those at Daystar Cleaning and Restoration to come in for mold removal and they will get the job done right.