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Prime Conditions For Mold And Removal In Coastal Regions

mold removal panama city, mold remediation panama city, mold damage panama cityHere on the coast of Florida, residents enjoy relaxing days at the beach, great restaurants, and a beautifully warm and humid climate. Unfortunately, many who find themselves in Panama City, and other coastal regions alike, will discover a need for mold to be removed from homes, garages, and sheds. Why is this especially prevalent in coastal regions? Coastal regions, like Panama City, provide prime growing conditions for mold. 

Mold Removal In Panama City 

What Is Mold?

Mold is a collective term for air-born organisms that eventually find a landing spot (normally in a moist area), feed on the available material in that location, and, consequently, release spores (particles) that settle and grow nearby. This is why mold spreads so quickly.

Why Is Mold Bad?

Mold feeds on the surface of whatever material it chooses to land on. In a home, mold does extensive damage to drywall, caulking, wood, etc., causing structural damage. Similarly, mold spores that enter a human airway can cause a plethora of health problems such as, asthma (among other respiratory issues), headaches, and allergies. These are the two major reasons it is critical that mold be removed as quickly as possible. 

What Causes Mold To Grow?

Mold loves humidity and all things moisture. Household mold is commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. These organisms prefer temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and little ventilation. Sadly, mold can get out of control when coupled with water damage-especially when water damage has gone unrecognized, or ignored. Panama City weather invites the need for mold removal services due to intense tropical storms. Oftentimes, these beautifully brilliant storms result in power outages (cutting airflow), strong winds (roof damage, allowing for water leaks), and, of course, thick, heavy, tropical rain. These are the prime conditions for mold to set up camp.

How To Prevent Mold:

Eliminating moisture can prevent mold. Many prefer to use dehumidifiers along with regularly checking around sinks and ceilings for water leaks or already-growing mold. It is wise to employ bathroom fans whenever bathing or showering. 

What Actions Should Be Taken? 

Contact a mold remediation specialist right away! Procrastination of this matter is not recommended. Mold removal specialists, such as those at Daystar Cleaning & Restoration located in Panama City, are prepared to act quickly and thoroughly eliminate any mold problem.

How Does Mold Removal Work?

Most mold removal processes begin with an inspection. In Florida, it is essential for an inspection to be done by a separate company than the remediation specialist’s.  This inspection allows for information on where and why the mold is growing. Once that is determined, and the source of the mold has been eradicated, remediation teams can come in and clean/restore mold damaged items. This may involve throwing out drywall and baseboards, along with carpet and molding. Oftentimes a mold-killing solution is applied to affected areas. Occupants should vacate the building and return once allowed. Occupants should also monitor their health and visit healthcare specialists if problems persist. 

Stay on top of mold growth and removal so you can go back to enjoying the  sunshine! Call the mold removal experts at Daystar Cleaning & Restoration today.