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Your Pantry: The Perfect Habitat For Mold

The kitchen is the ideal location for mold to grow; it provides mold spores daily access to a steady supply of moisture and decaying organic material to feed on. A pantry fulfills all these requirements perfectly PLUS poor ventilation and poor light. 

We at Daystar Cleaning want to inform you that even if your Panama City home does not suffer from moisture issues, the simple daily tasks performed in the kitchen could be inviting and maintain mold growth. If you see or smell mold in the kitchen first of all, look for obvious water damage. Next, check around the pantry for mold colonies. 

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Pantry Safety -Throw away spoiled food

Spoiled fruit and vegetables are a breeding ground for mold.  Be diligent about tossing out food weekly. Check the quality of the fresh food regularly: potatoes, onions, dried beans.  Ensure that there are no moldy food leftovers. Some common practices that spread mold are:

  • Wet or fridge-worthy foods (such as jelly/jam or condiments) are stored improperly in the pantry.
  • Pantry items are not resealed after use.
  • Spills in the pantry are not cleaned up immediately.
  • Pantry boxed foods may accidentally touch liquid on the counter and then be placed back in the pantry.
  • In the pantry, dirty or wet hands are used to touch, move, retrieve, or place items.
  • Foods are left to rot or stay beyond the expiration date in the pantry.

Clean Appliances After Every Use

Remember–moisture plus a food source equal mold. So if you store your blender, breadmaker or toaster oven with crumbs and moisture, you can grow mold in your pantry. Whenever they are sealed, covered or closed when not in use, air flow is restricted and traps the mold spores inside.

Instead, disassemble completely after each use. A sealed, wet interior can lead to condensation and provide an environment for bacterial growth. Wipe the chassis with a cloth– don’t submerge the electronics in water. Blenders, coffee pots and food processors must be easily wiped, washed, and dried. Position the lid for the crockpot so that air flows during storage. 

If You Keep the Trash Bin in The Pantry…

Be diligent about regular cleaning. Watch out if:

  • The floors are not swept and mopped regularly.
  • Water drips and spills are not cleaned immediately.
  • The broom or mop is not cleaned often, the mop is too wet, or no soap is used.
  • Certain appliances, shelving, and cabinets/counters are not swept and mopped under.
  • Any floor rug is not completely dried before being put back in place after washing or a water spill.
  • Pet dishes (especially water) are not cleaned, or cleaned under and around after every meal.
  • The trash bin (and lid) is not cleaned on the outside or inside regularly or as splatter/spillage occurs.
  • The wrong-fitting trash bags are used (or none at all.)
  • Items are thrown into the trash bin instead of dropped (this raises the risk of splatter or missing and splattering material on the wall and floor behind the trash can that usually goes unnoticed).

For Mold Removal in Panama City

When you discover mold in your pantry, kitchen, or anywhere in your home, look for a team with the most advanced, specialized equipment to detect hidden moisture sources. Daystar Cleaning, Inc. is a certified firm of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Florida State Certified Mold Mitigator. For 24/7 emergency service in Panama City and Bay County, please contact us.