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Mold Removal West Bay – 3 Signs That There Is Indoor Mold

mold removal west bayMold is a naturally occurring fungus that is found both outdoors as well as inside. When mold is found in your home though, it can actually be a cause to worry about. Mold exposure can cause a number of respiratory symptoms and negatively affect your health, and mold growing inside can cause damage to your home.

Sometimes mold problems are obvious, but often mold tends to grow in dark corners of your home, going unnoticed for extended amounts of time. This is when mold becomes a serious problem. The best way to mitigate damage from mold and reduce adverse health effects is to get the mold removed as soon as possible. Daystar Cleaning & Restoration in West Bay has supported the community with professional mold removal for a long time. Here are the signs to watch for. 

Mold Removal West Bay: 3 Signs Of Mold


One of the most common signs associated with mold is the smell. You know that smell when you have left a load of clothes in the washer for a little too long? Yeah, that’s the one we are talking about. That strong, damp, mildew smell is a good indicator that mold and microbial growth is present, especially if that smell cannot be attributed to a forgotten load of laundry. If there is a lingering, pungent, earthy smell in your home you should have that area inspected for mold.

Unresolved Water Damage

For mold to grow, there must be moisture. A source of water is what triggers mold growth in the first place, which is why water damage needs to be cleaned up right away because it can lead to a mold problem within a matter of hours. Even the smallest water leak can create a parge mold problem in your home. If you have a history of water damage or unresolved water damage, you more than likely will have mold damage as well. This is especially true if your home has ever suffered from a flood. If you notice areas of your home that have water spots, stains, or discoloration or have warped surfaces or floors, you should be sure there is no water damage going on to cause those effects. Water damage that is not fully resolved and completely dried out will likely result in mold growth, so if your home has a history of water damage, you may want to have a mold inspection done.

Visible Mold On The Surface

Visible mold growing on baseboards, floorboards, walls, or ceilings is a dead giveaway that you need mold removal services. That being said, mold is not always easy to detect. Mold may begin growing and spreading in small amounts that appear as tiny spots or specks that could easily be mistaken for dirt. Mold can also appear in a number of different colors, textures, and growth patterns, making it hard to categorize or even detect sometimes. Mold can appear as white, green, black, brown, and even gray in color, and can present in spots, strands, or clusters and may even look fuzzy. If you notice any abnormal spots on your home, have them inspected for mold. 

Mold removal should not be put off, and should only be handled by trained and experienced professionals who know how to safely remove mold and dispose of it.  If you suspect mold in your West Bay home, call the mold removal experts at Daystar Cleaning right away.