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Look For Mold In Uncommon Areas To Avoid Removal Issues

mold removal west bay, mold cleanup west bay, mold damage cleanup west bayMold can be found everywhere: Indoors, outdoors, closed up rooms, in your car; mold isn’t picky. This is why it’s important that when you are checking for mold in your home, you check everywhere possible. Of course mold isn’t always visible, such as a small corner or a crawl space. Or maybe you can’t see any mold, but you can smell it.  

Mold can grow on any porous building material: wood, drywall, concrete. Almost any room of the home could be compromised by mold development. Daystar Cleaning and Restoration professionals can come to search those hidden areas. Whether they find mold or not, an inspector can also give you pointers on how to go about preventing mold in the future as well. Areas that are prone to mold that may go unnoticed include: 


Bathrooms experience a lot of condensation, heat, and steam. If you are looking to prevent excess moisture buildup in your bathroom, ensure proper ventilation in the area while bathing or showering. (Make sure that it vents to the outdoors, not the attic.)  Wipe away any condensation on the window, walls, or mirror. Don’t leave damp towels, laundry or area rugs on the floor. 


Kitchens have a lot of moisture– wanted and unwanted. Appliances such as your dishwasher and refrigerator can create a lot of excess moisture. Cooking can also produce a lot of steam and heat within the area. Always use the exhaust fans when cooking and let the dishwasher air out after use. Watch out for drips from the sink and suspicious puddles near the fridge; make repairs ASAP. 


Here in Florida, stuffy attics often harbor mold. Conditions like excessive heat, high humidity, or roof leaks can be an adequate moisture source for mold development. Generally, attics don’t have proper ventilation and airflow. Most people seldom even go up into their attics, so an issue can go unnoticed for a long time.

In many cases, attic sheathing with mold does not have to be removed unless there is significant structural damage. However, it does need to be carefully treated and sealed. Daystar Cleaning, Inc will be able to assess your situation and offer a solution. 

Basements & Crawl Spaces

Basements and crawl spaces are out of sight and out of mind. But mold spores love dark, dank and undisturbed areas. When the foundation walls are compromised with cracks, mold or water damage, mold can easily flourish in a forgotten basement or crawl space.

 For Mold Removal in West Bay

When you discover mold in your pantry, kitchen, or anywhere in your home, look for a team with the most advanced, specialized equipment to detect hidden moisture sources.  Daystar Cleaning and Restoration has invested in years of training and the most advanced, specialized equipment to detect hidden moisture sources and tell-tale signs of mold. 

The State of Florida does not allow companies to both 1) clean and 2) test the same mold site. Be sure to hire a mold remediator who contracts an independent mold inspector to develop a protocol for removal and to conduct follow-up inspections to make sure the mold is gone.  Daystar Cleaning And Restoration will contract with an independent mold inspector before we begin mold removal to measure mold spore content in the environment and develop a detailed protocol for our certified technicians to follow in the removal process.