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Avoiding Bathtub Overflows

Toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs all require plumbing to work. As these fixtures wear over time, they are susceptible to corrosion, loosened connections, and damage. Unfortunately, with all the water and all the potential problems, we at Daystar Cleaning hate to say that bathrooms are very prone to water damage. No need to despair; here […]

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Fight Mold By Improving Home Air Flow

Mold in the home isn’t just unsightly – it’s also unhealthy. While you may know that excess moisture is the primary driver of mold growth, by improving air circulation in the house, homeowners can effectively combat mold growth and improve the home’s interior air quality. We at Daystar Cleaning recommend the following tips to guard […]

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Reduce Potential For Home Water And Flood Damage

Irregular weather patterns and more urban sprawl (and asphalt) are leading to more flood damage than ever before. FEMA recently predicted that total area in the United States at risk of flooding could increase by 45 percent by 2100. The National Resources Defense Council has documented eight recent flood events of a size expected to […]

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The Mold Damage Remediation Process

Molds are fungi that thrive in warm, damp, and humid conditions (Florida in a nutshell). There are many different species of mold, and they can be found both outside and inside. Mold found in your Panama City home can be a very dangerous problem. Mold reproduces by spores that are invisible to the naked eye. […]

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Your Pantry: The Perfect Habitat For Mold

The kitchen is the ideal location for mold to grow; it provides mold spores daily access to a steady supply of moisture and decaying organic material to feed on. A pantry fulfills all these requirements perfectly PLUS poor ventilation and poor light.  We at Daystar Cleaning want to inform you that even if your Panama […]

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4 Reasons To Avoid Water Damage

There are more than a couple of negative consequences that occur from water damage. All the time and effort that is recommended to fortify your home against water damage may seem like a hassle at first, but it is well worth the effort because the of the potential damage it prevents. Below are four main […]

What To Do If Your House Floods

Picture this. You arrive home from a long day at work. You head downstairs to relax for a few minutes, only to find that your water heater has burst and your entire basement is being flooded. What do you do? Most people have a basic idea of what they would do in response to a […]

Responding to Water Damage

Homeowners in Panama City Beach know the risks of water damage from storms. When disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes strike, devastation usually follows. When your home or office building has been damaged, it is overwhelming emotionally, physically, and financially. The best way to handle any form of disaster is to be prepared beforehand. Knowing how […]

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What Happens When Unwanted Water Gets In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a common space that family and visitors often spend time in. Everybody loves the kitchen, it’s a place where you can cook delicious food, eat delicious food and spend time with people you love. In Panama City Beach, our kitchens are luxurious and inviting places for everyone to socialize and we want […]