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Mold Removal: What Causes Mold In the Bathroom in West Bay?

Modern homes have so many plumbing upgrades to save money. A low-flow shower head uses about 20 gallons for a 10-minute shower (two gallons per minute.) A standard or older fixture could use 2 or three times as much. According to industry estimates, a standard bathtub holds 42 gallons when filled to the brim, so […]

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Water Damage In West Bay Is Not Prevented By Siding

Top quality vinyl siding has been used for decades to protect houses from wind, rain, snow and heat. It also insulates your home, lowers your bill, and discourages insects. Plus, a stylish color with coordinating trim can really up your curb appeal. The key to getting maximum benefit from your siding is creating a water-resistant […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Newsletter

Whether you are a new customer of DAYSTAR CLEANING & RESTORATION, or have been a client for years, we’d like to take this time to THANK YOU for your business. We know we are not the only game in town when it comes to keeping your home clean and beautiful. To show our appreciation, we’d like to offer you a few quick tips to have a cleaner, healthier home and save you a few bucks too.

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West Bay Water Damage Caused By 3 Types Of Water

Water damage comes from many different sources and can cause different levels of damage. This is because not all water is the same. Water can be categorized into three different levels, each determined by contamination level.  Water Damage In West Bay Let’s break down each category of water so you know what you are up […]

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Traits In A Water Damage Company In West Bay

Your home is exposed to many different threats. Water damage, fire damage, and mold damage are all common disasters many homeowners in West Bay may have to deal with. It can be overwhelming to deal with any type of disaster in your home – and that is where restoration companies come in. However, there are […]

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The Danger Of Mold And Why It Needs To Be Removed

Living in a damp and humid environment can have a variety of health effects, both good and bad. Unfortunately, one of the negative health problems is caused by mold exposure. If you do not know the risks of mold exposure, you may end up living with a mold problem in your West Bay home for […]

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Resulting Water Damage From Summer Storms

We all love our sunny days here in Florida. On average, there are 241 days of sun per year in Bay County. But this time of year, the skies are about to open up and pour.  The annual rainfall of 60.1 inches in Bay County, even wetter than most places in Florida. When the rainfall […]

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Look For Mold In Uncommon Areas To Avoid Removal Issues

Mold can be found everywhere: Indoors, outdoors, closed up rooms, in your car; mold isn’t picky. This is why it’s important that when you are checking for mold in your home, you check everywhere possible. Of course mold isn’t always visible, such as a small corner or a crawl space. Or maybe you can’t see […]

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Tips to Help Insurance Claims With Water Damage

Marshes, near-shore ocean bottoms, bays, coastal dune lakes, tidal flats, and estuaries draw us outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Florida coast. They are also components that make up the coastal floodplain of the City of Panama City. Our coastal beaches, dunes, banks, and tidal flats all play roles in protecting land from destructive coastal storms, […]

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Water Damage: Causes and Prevention

Water damage can be caused by a variety of different things. Knowing what could potentially cause water damage could help you prevent water damage from occurring in your home. Living in Panama City has many positives, however the humidity and storms make it the perfect place for water damage to occur. Being aware of all […]