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Water Damage: The Restoration Process And What To Expect

water damage panama city, water damage restoration panama city, water damage repair panama cityA while back, I drove a few hours away from home to attend a bridal shower. As I was many miles away from home, my car took an unexpected turn for the worst and completely shut down. Quite literally. At a stop light. It was a horrible experience. I had to find a good mechanic, get my car towed. One thing in particular that made this experience just a bit better was that when I finally got to the mechanic, they explained to me in simple terms what happened to my car, and what steps they were going to take to fix it. This eased my mind so much. I think knowing what’s going to happen next (saving us from some unknown) will ease anyone’s mind. That goes for water damage too. It can be a horrible experience to find water damage in your home, however knowing what to do and what to expect in the restoration process can definitely set ease to our minds. 

Water Damage In Panama City

The Restoration Process

The restoration process is basically the same for any type of water damage. However in different cases, different things might need to be taken into consideration. For instance if there’s a heavy rainstorm or hurricane, not at all uncommon in Panama City, that causes great amounts of water to accumulate in your home then slightly different measures might be taken than if the water damage is from great amounts of humidity that causes your wall to warp. In any case however, there are 4 basic steps taken to restore water damage.

  • Remove water: This is pretty straight forward. In any case, the removal of the water as quickly as possible will save your home from more extensive damage. Water damage is best dealt with by the professionals so call a professional restoration team and they will take care of this first step as well as the others.
  • Remove and clean possessions: To minimize your loss of personal items, it is best to remove them. Often, they will need cleaning to remove any dirt, grime, water marks, or bacteria and other harmful pathogens
  • Dry completely and remove damaged items: After excess water is gone and personal possessions are out of the way, there will need to be a thorough drying process. This will ensure that damage doesn’t continue to develop after the cleaning is over and that mold will not grow. Some items may not be able to be saved. For instance drywall may have become warped and brittle from the damage so it will need to be removed.
  • Repairs: Lastly, anything that may need repaired or even rebuilt can be done. New drywall can be put in or wood flooring can be replaced. Over all this is when your home can truly be brought back to its original state. 

This was a brief and simple overview, however being aware of what the restoration process looks like can help remove some stress from the situation. The steps may sound easy here but they really are done best by a professional team like those at Daystar Cleaning. Most are available 24/7 to assist you in an emergency. Call them up and be at peace with the restoration process taking place.