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Water Damage: Causes and Prevention

water damage panama city, water damage restoration panama city, water damage cleanup panama cityWater damage can be caused by a variety of different things. Knowing what could potentially cause water damage could help you prevent water damage from occurring in your home. Living in Panama City has many positives, however the humidity and storms make it the perfect place for water damage to occur. Being aware of all the different avenues water damage can take is important and may just save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the long run.

Water Damage In Panama City 

Outside Causes of Water Damage

The great outdoors is the place to be. Mother Nature can play a great deal in water damage however. Because of storms or poor upkeep of a yard, water damage can occur in your home. So the question is, what are the causes of water damage from outside and how can you prevent them?

  • Clean gutters: Gutters are very helpful in making sure that water doesn’t just run off your roof and pool at the base of your house. Gutters can redirect the water to a safe place for it to run, however if the gutter fills with debris, the water will back up and either pool on your roof causing eventual problems or overflow and pool at the side of your house. Water that pools at the side of your house, has the chance of getting in and causing damage. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out regularly so you don’t find yourself in this position.
  • Routine roof checks: Your roof is also very important in protecting your house from the elements. A roof that isn’t in good, functioning condition could lead to possible leaks and water damage. The best way to prevent something like this is to do routine checks on your roof. Ensure that there aren’t shingles missing, moss growing, debris left from storms, or cracks. 
  • Storm Precautions: Storms are going to happen. It’s best to be prepared for them. Yards that slope away from your house will ensure that water from storms doesn’t pool next to your house but run away from it. Take the safety precautions to prepare for the type of storm coming.

Indoor Causes of Water Damage

Even indoors there are many different things that could happen to cause water damage. Some of them without us even noticing for quite some time. If we are aware of what they could be, we can catch them sooner if necessary.

  • Faulty appliances: Our washing machines or dishwashers are very helpful appliances however if they malfunction or become too old they could begin to leak and cause problems. It’s an easy fix however, you just need to keep an eye on the shape of your appliances. Be aware if something needs fixed and then fix it. If it is getting old, you might want to start saving up for a new one.
  • Condensation: This is something to think about, especially in a humid environment. In places like the bathroom or where the air conditioning may cause some condensation, try making sure there is some air flow moving through. As well, if the condensation begins to accumulate a lot, you can simply go dry it.

Even though there are several causes of water damage, you can help prevent it by doing some of the simple tasks listed. It could be a lifesaver one day.