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A Panama City Homeowner’s Guide To Preventing Water Damage

water damage panama city, water damage repair panama city, water damage restoration panama cityAs a homeowner, there are a lot of responsibilities you are faced with. Keeping up with maintenance on the home and yard along with making repairs and renovations within the home can take up a large portion of your home. Dealing with the prospect of water damage prevention only adds to this load for many homeowners. To help you manage all these responsibilities and still be on top of preventing water damage in your home, below are four simple water damage prevention tips from our water damage restoration experts at Daystar Cleaning in Panama City. 

Monitor Your Water Bill

Looking for anomalies in your water bill is a great way to detect unseen leaks in and around your home. All you need to do is have an idea of your typical water bill for each month and take note if there is a significant difference in your current water bill. If it is much higher for no apparent reason, there is a good chance that something is leaking near your home potentially causing water damage

Replace Old Pipes

Old pipes can be a ticking time bomb for water damage. As rust, corrosion, and other wear and tear breaks down your pipes over time, the likelihood of a leak or flood becomes increasingly likely. Thus, as your pipes grow old, you should consider replacing them with newer ones so you don’t have to worry about these concerns. 

Maintain Your Appliances

Appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher, water heater, washing machine and so on are each potential sources of water damage. You should inspect each of these regularly to look for any damage that could cause leaks over time. Additionally, you should also check around these appliances for any buildup of moisture. For example, if you notice water around the base of your refrigerator on multiple occasions, you probably already have a water leak in your refrigerator.  

Use Water Damage Detection Devices

Water detection devices are very handy tools. They are basically like fire alarms but for preventing flooding. You should strategically place them throughout your home in areas likely to flood like your bathrooms, kitchen, and basement. Then, if moisture levels rise above a certain point, they will set off an alarm and notify you that a flood is occurring. If you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars, you can also buy water damage detection devices that link to your phone and send you notifications if moisture levels rise above a certain point. 

Water Damage In Panama City 

As a final note, sometimes taking every advisable step to prevent water damage just isn’t enough in some cases. If this is the unfortunate case for you, there is no need to despair! As long as you make sure you begin the restoration process without delay you should be able to mitigate much of the damage. To ensure that the restoration process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible, pick up the phone and give us a call at Daystar Cleaning in Panama City.