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What To Do If Your House Floods

Picture this. You arrive home from a long day at work. You head downstairs to relax for a few minutes, only to find that your water heater has burst and your entire basement is being flooded. What do you do? Most people have a basic idea of what they would do in response to a flood, but it can be hard to think straight in the moment. Below is a list of the simple steps you should immediately take in the wake of a flood, recommended by our professional restoration experts at Daystar Cleaning in Panama City Beach.

Stop The Water At Its Source

This is your first priority upon recognizing a flood. The sooner you stop the flow of water, the less severe the flood will be. The best way to do this is to simply locate your water shutoff valve and cut off the supply of water to your entire home. A benefit to stopping the flow of water this way, is that you don’t need to get in the actual flow of the water to stop it. You just need to find your water shut off valve and that’s it.

Turn Off The Electricity

Electricity and floods make for a dangerous combination. It is very dangerous to be in a flooded home with the electricity still on. When deciding if whether to turn your electricity off, however, exercise caution. If your home is flooded to the extent that it covers electric outlets and other electrical sources, it is safest for you to just get out of the home. If the flood has yet to reach that point and it is completely safe for you to reach your electric panel, then turn your electricity off as soon as possible.

Evacuate The Premises (If Necessary)

This requires a bit of a judgement call, but if it is unsafe for you to be in your home at all, it is best to just get out. There are three main reasons why it may be unsafe to stay in your home during a flood. First, the flow of water may cause structural damage making your home unsafe to be in. Second, as previously mentioned, there is the potential for electrocution if the water reaches a certain point. Third, floodwater sometimes contains harmful contaminants that if ingested or even touched, can cause minor illness, serious disease or even death.

Call For Help

This is the most important step in response to a flood. The suggestions above provide simple guidance as to how you can minimize the damage and stay safe. To get the real bulk of the work done, however, you need to get in touch with a professional cleaning and restoration company. We at Daystar Cleaning in Panama City Beach are one such company, qualified and experienced in all types of flood damage restoration and cleanup. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you find your home flooded so our restoration experts can come to your aid right away!