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West Bay Water Damage Caused By 3 Types Of Water

water damage west bay, water damage cleanup west bay, water damage repair west bayWater damage comes from many different sources and can cause different levels of damage. This is because not all water is the same. Water can be categorized into three different levels, each determined by contamination level. 

Water Damage In West Bay

Let’s break down each category of water so you know what you are up against when you have water damage in your West Bay home. 

  1. Category 1 Water: Water is considered category 1 when it comes from a clean source and is not contaminated. This type of water is referred to as ‘clean water.’ Examples of Category 1 water would be water from a leaky faucet or broken supply line. This type of water is pretty straightforward when it comes to cleanup and restoration, but still needs to be handled quickly to mitigate any further damage.

  2. Category 2 Water: When water contains a small level of contamination, bacteria, or viruses, it is considered category 2 water. This type of water, referred to as ‘gray water,’ can cause illness and irritation upon contact, making the cleanup and restoration process more specific to thoroughly decontaminate the affected area. Common sources of category include overflow from appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, or from the toilet bowl if not containing feces. It is important to avoid coming into contact with this type of water if you do not have the proper equipment or protection.

  3. Category 3 Water: Also known as ‘black water,’ category 3 water is considered grossly contaminated that is not suitable for use or to sustain life. In fact, this type of water is so dangerous that it can cause serious illness and even death if ingested or exposed to open cuts or scrapes on the body. This type of water comes from any outside source like flooding streams, rivers and canals, backup from the sewer line, the toilet bowl containing feces. Long-standing water that has not been resolved or dried can also degrade into category 3 water as it begins to grow microbes. Water damage cleanup and restoration from this type of water requires job-specific equipment, protection, and techniques to ensure that the contaminated water is contained and cleaned thoroughly. Sanitizing is very important following this type of water damage, and commercial-grade disinfectants need go be applied to the affected area. 

If you are unsure whether the water damage in your home is contaminated or not, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Call the experts at Daystar Cleaning in West Bay to safely handle the water damage cleanup and restoration. It is also important to remember to take precautionary steps to keep you and your family safe from contaminated water.

We recommend that you avoid any and all contact with water whenever that is achievable, and call us right away. We can assess the damage, determine the source, and then devise a plan to get the problem cleaned up safely and effectively. We have the proper training and equipment to handle water damage from every category and contamination level.