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Pet Odor Removal

We at Daystar Cleaning and restoration love pets! Owners Steve & Judy have a miniature schnauzer and a cat. But as much as we love our furry friends, they can sometimes have accidents, mess up the furniture, or make our living areas smell like “dog” or “cat.”

Simply having a pet in your home means that you need to be extra diligent when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning if you want to keep your home looking and smelling great. Urine odors can be especially hard to treat, and all pets have accidents from time to time.

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pet odor removal
pet odor

Urine Odor Treatments

For home treatment of urine spots, it is good to have an enzyme solution on hand from the pet store. Use according to directions, blotting with a clean white towel, never rubbing (which can damage carpet fibers), and cover with a clean white towel while it dries.

Unfortunately, pets-in-training tend to go in the same areas. Left untreated, urine may penetrate the carpet padding below and even the subflooring. The professionals at Daystar will locate urine spots and pre-treat the carpet and padding, depending on the extent of the problem areas. The subflooring can be treated and sealed, but this will involve a little more time and expense.

Exceptional Results From Pet-Loving Carpet Cleaners

The best defense against pet odors and urine odors is regular professional carpet cleaning. We are certified carpet cleaners, and can treat and clean pet trouble areas to give you clean, fresh and healthy carpets. We have been able to help many homeowners resolve their pet odor issues, effectively removing urine stains and odors for unbelievably clean carpets.

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“We were pleasantly surprised that the price quote was much lower than we’d anticipated. We were very impressed with your website and customer service when we phoned. Ecstatic! We were afraid our carpet was too “far gone” to come clean. Before: dingy pet stains, etc. After: much cleaner, pet stains gone, fluffier and softer. Great customer service (which is rare to find in this town!) and impressive work.”

John Fields, Panama City
“There were pet circles before, after it looked like new. How satisfied I am with this service!”
Jean Collins
“My carpet looks fantastic! Before there were too many pet stains. After, you could not even tell I had pets!”
Carol Cook, Loan Processor