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Rug Video Library

Welcome to our Rug Video Library! These informative videos will help you better understand how to properly care for your rug. We have also included educational videos so you can learn more about rug construction and the different types of materials and methods used to make area rugs.

If you have any questions, please contact us! We are here to help you clean and care for your fine area rugs so they can last a lifetime, and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our customers.

How Should I Vacuum My Rugs?

Vacuuming is an important part of caring for and maintaining your rug, but using the wrong tools or methods can damage your rug. Learn how to safely vacuum and dust your rug to remove soils between professional cleanings.

How Often Should I Clean My Rugs?

Wool rugs are great at hiding dirt, but those abrasive soils also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the rug fibers. Once your rug looks dirty, it’s often well past time for it to be cleaned professional and it may already have damage. The quality of the wool, traffic on the rug, and whether the rug is vacuumed regularly and correctly will all determine how often your rug should be cleaned.

Do I Need a Rug Pad?

Rug pads are beneficial for many rugs, but they aren’t suitable for all rugs or for certain situations. Learn how to select a rug pad and how it can help protect your rugs.

What is Protector?

Protective coatings help protect the fibers of your rug against staining and makes cleanup easier.

How to Fold a Big Rug?

If you’ve ever had a rug cleaned, you know exactly how hard it is to get it loaded into a vehicle beforehand. Small rugs are hardly a problem, but big, room-sized rugs can be extremely difficult to transport. Here, we show you how to fold up a big rug, to make your rug cleaning experience better.

NEVER Let a Carpet Cleaner Clean Rugs in Your Home

Carpet cleaners may be well-meaning by offering to clean your area rugs, but carpets and rugs are not the same. Learn why area rugs should never, ever been cleaned using regular carpet cleaning methods.

Two Mistakes Made by Most Rug Owners – and Maybe You

Learn how to extend the life of your rug by avoiding the two most common mistakes rug owners make when caring for their rugs. Reduce unnecessary damage from improper care and learn how to maintain your rug so it can last a lifetime.

Abrash Rugs: Why Does My Rug Have Stripes?

Abrash is a term used to describe the natural variations in color and texture caused by differences in texture and dyes of a handwoven rug. Abrash is not a defect – it is a result of the dying and handweaving processes that make handwoven wool area rugs unique. Learn more about abrash and how it occurs.

Understanding White Knots

Many rug foundations are made of cotton, even in many rugs marked 100% wool. White knots, or foundation fiber knots, are found in every handwoven rug and are a result of the weaving process. Learn more about why white knots appear and what you can do to make them less noticeable in your rug.

Understanding Tufted Rugs

Learn all about tufted rugs and what you should know if you own or are considering purchasing a tufted rug. Tufted rugs have a latex backing and are not handwoven, but they may look similar to a handwoven wool rugs but are generally less expensive. It is important to understand the difference in construction between tufted and handwoven rugs, and the potential issues that may arise with tufted rugs.

Viscose Rugs = Artificial or “Art” Silk

Viscose rugs are made of wood pulp and cotton byproducts, and is a tricky material to clean and maintain. Viscose rugs may be labeled as manmade silk, and some viscose rugs may even be labeled as 100% silk. It is important to learn how viscose rugs are different from silk rugs so you can properly care for your rugs.

What Are Tea-Washed Rugs?

Tea-washed rugs give new rugs an antique look. Most modern tea-washed rugs are given a chemical treatment to brown or darken the appearance of rugs, while traditionally rugs were stored with tea leaves to alter their appearance. Caring for a tea-washed rug can be problematic, as tea-washed rugs will lose their treatment over time, and color loss is often uneven.

Four Ways Pet Urine Can Damage Your Rug

Pet urine can cause significant damage to your area rugs. Pet accidents can cause permanent damage to the rug fibers, rug foundation, and dyes and can lead to problems with bugs, odors, and stains. Learn more about how you can protect your rugs.

Protect Your Rugs from Bugs and Moths

Bugs love dark, undisturbed areas, and area rugs are an appealing and tasty home for destructive bugs that can cause significant damage to your area rugs. Luckily, there are ways that you can fight back against bugs and moths. Watch the video to learn a few strategies to protect your rugs from bugs.

How Do I Identify Moth and Bug Damage?

Moths and other bugs can eat your rugs and leave holes or bare spots on your rugs. Learn more about the signs of moth and bug damage and what to do if you suspect your rug may have an active infestation.