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“We just highly recommend Daystar to anyone we know…a high quality company, great follow through, very dependable. They’re going to do whatever it takes to help solve your problem. It’s been a long time since I’ve run into that kind of positive attitude.”

Adam & Jennifer R.

“Very pleased with the job that Brian came out and done for me, excellent worker.”

Jan Sidum, Panama City Beach

“Excellent – Our wheel chairs are very clean — day and night difference.”

Dorothy Rey, Nurse, Community Health & Rehab, Panama City

“You’re proud to be honest and do what you say you’ll do. WOW! What a difference! I will say you and your crew are trustworthy.”

Barnacle Barney’s, Panama City

“You guys are doing an awesome job! Keep up the great work! We couldn’t be happier with your services and friendly technicians.”

Beard Equipment, Panama City

“Very professional and well informed … great, friendly and cheaper estimate than anywhere. I picked Daystar, it was much cheaper and the owner came himself … I was amazed. These windows were awful. I am so impressed. Tape was everywhere. The windows are beautiful … everything was great.”

Christy Mckee, Panama City

“Great job! I didn’t think it would look this good when done! You are very professional and the crew was extremely polite and eager to please.”

Steve Green, General Manager, Panama City Radio-OO Radio, Panama City

“Your technician was great! I could not have asked for a nicer guy to clean my carpet! He had #1 a great personality and #2 professionalism. He took the time to listen to me and gave me the answers I needed. He is to be commended! I will tell the manager here at the Lattitude 29 Condo Assoc. to only use Daystar! Technician was friendly and did a great job. Job was very good on carpets. We have recommended your services to other people.”

J. Williamson, Panama City

“Your technician was very courteous and helpful! I have learned my lesson over the years, I will always use Daystar! I didn’t inspect the job because I know that I can trust Daystar to do an excellent job, I do not have to inspect the job. Before–soil and odor, after the carpets were clean and smelled nice. I always recommend Daystar to folks by telling them who I use.”

Diane Allen, Panama City Beach

“Many dark spots prior to cleaning. Spots are gone. Looks very good.Friends who helped pay for the Church cleaning, took the cards to give out. They were very impressed with the job done.”

Trinity Lutheran Church, Panama City

“Very courteous, helpful. Chose for reputation, pricing, total overall job. I was excited, pleased. It was very dull, worn looking – now looks brand new.”

Panhandle Insulation, Panama City

“Excellent… Know Steve Ransom for his business integrity… definite improvement – much easier to keep clean now…Tech was very nice & respectful – very professional – worked very hard.”

Ken McGartlin, Panama City Beach

“Windows look great. We use you for our windows at Nervig Travel. I have always used Stanley Steamer for my carpets and wanted to see how clean they would look if your company did them. I will recommend your company in the future.”

Jayne Sears, Nervig Travel

“We’ve used Daystar on multiple occasions. Very satisfied… Before appearance was a lot of dust from construction work; After appearance -very clean & tidy. Very good work. I already recommend you every chance I get. We’re always very satisfied with Daystar. But I know that if we’re not, Daystar will respond and make it right!”

Barry Parker, Panama City

“Pleased. Very accomodating service.”

Dr. Robert West, Panama City

“You’ve done such a good job at our St. Andrew’s Store, that we’d like you to come out and look at our store in Springfield!”

Dan’s Pawn Inc, Panama City

“I am very comfortable with the technician. I found you in the Yellow pages. Wonderful, relieved that the floor could be cleaned! Tech was great, the floor was a disaster, but it is beautiful once again. He delivered the results that were spoke of during the inspection. I will recommend you to my real estate agent. He did an outstanding job, I will always ask for him in any future job.”

Pat Hess, Valparaiso

“Good service … impressed … from very dirty & dull to clean & shiny … none better in the area … very good service.”

Panama City Dialysis, Panama City

“Very positive, worked around my schedule. I know of your dedication to detail & excellence with your name associated. Before – horrendous; after – spectacular. I must add that tech did an outstanding job, with a great attitude.”

Gymnastics Plus, Panama City

“Very polite and informed me of all that would be done. We chose Daystar for their experience and promptness. Very Good. We had a region manager coming to the office and he commented on how good the office looked. No comparing – the floor looks brand new. We will recommend you. Very happy with the outcome.”

Terminix, Panama City

“You are the nicest and most conscientious.”

Janice Phillips, Rehabilitation Manager

“Outstanding lady – Excellent. Best job we have had in years. Highly recommend.”

Tom Searfoss, Panama City

“Always able to do a job when we need it done. Amazing how you can make some of the apartments look like there has never been anyone living there, our residents sometimes can leave quite a mess. Lisa is a wonderful person. When she cleans for us we know its right! Everyone else is great too! I did not have a chance for inspection, when tenants moved in they said the place looked and smelled great! Very Friendly, does a very good job, always available when needed. Great job! Very dependable, friendly service. You do a great job. Always taken care of any concerns.”

Turtle Lake Apartments, Panama City

“Professional and courteous, great! Offices smell great.”

ACTS, Inc., Panama City

“I didn’t shop around – I ordered ‘Daystar Only’ over the phone. I knew I could depend on your service to do a good quick job! It looked great and clean. I would definitely refer family and friends to you. Great job very thorough – she was very nice and polite.”

Southern Realty Group, Panama City Beach

“I was very satisfied with the results. There was a lot of mildew on my gutters and screened in porch. A great difference in appearance. Professional and proficient. We are well pleased with results.”

William & Johnnie Kelly, Panama City

“Excellent. Salesman was cooperative and informative, and knowledgeable … called because of past good experiences with your company. Perfectly clean. Before – mildew and stains on house siding and brick; after – entire house clean and sparkles. A perfect job at a fair price. Thanks for a job well done.”

Raymond Michels, Panama City

“I have used Daystar for years for window cleaning, pressure washing; dull before shiny afterwards; Daystar can’t be beat.”

Lorraine Rowe, Lynn Haven

“We have always used your company since we built our home in 2004. We were very pleased (as always). All the white trim was dull and dingy. Now, it looks new again. He worked so hard. We are very pleased.”

Steve & Carol Dubreuil, Panama City Beach

“We had our windows cleaned — fabulous job! I’m scheduling our carpet this week. The gentlemen were so polite and helpful. I appreciate their efficiency also! Excellent!”

Juliette Keegan, Panama City

“Your workers are so great. My windows look wonderful and I’m so happy. I loved it! After hurricane I could not see out my windows. Now I can see! My windows sparkle!”

Frances Nuoffer, Panama City

“I had my carpets and windows cleaned. Your people are very accomodating, polite and quiet. They don’t bother anyone, we dont even know they’re here.”

Gretchen Vann, Panama City

“I recieved a telephone greeting and felt that the business must treat clients in a personable professional manner. Very pleased – areas that I could not reach (since hip surgery) definitely needed and received attention. Grease had collected atop cabinets in the kitchen. Sandra cleaned and placed objects on cabinets that I could not reach. She used a ladder to accommodate some placement of things on shelves after cleaning. The service was good professionally handled and attention to details that I wanted done. I’m very satisfied with the total experience. Technician was very prompt, courteous and work was accomplished in timely manner.”

AnnMarie O’Malley, Panama City

“Polite & Business Like. It looked Great! I bought this home new 3 years ago, had never had the windows cleaned. They looked clean and sparkling. Very good, Extremely Neat & Polite. Your technician was able and polite & neat!”

May Cazenave, Lynn Haven

Excellent – very personable – very professional and courteous. I’ve used you before when we lived in Bay Point. It was so nice to look out onto our property with clean windows! Reasonable in cost, professional & courteous.”

Jackie Redfield, Chipley

“Showed up when they said they would – completed job, respectful, didn’t treat us like they were doing us a favor. We have had your service before. You are one of the extremely few who have good customer service in this area. Great service. Great customer service which is seriously lacking with the Panama City Beach area."

Colleen Rosenberg, Panama City Beach

“Windows – GREAT! WOW! Carpets – Great job, too! Windows were dirty – sparkling! dazzling! Carpet – looks like new again. If I could give window & carpet services as a Christmas present I would!” [You can! It’s so easy to call the office and order a gift certificate!]

Marian Nickel, Panama City

“We are very pleased with the carpet and window cleaning. We have used Daystar before. Amazed that they looked so good. Carpet and windows very dirty but look super now. I feel like my house is squeaky clean.”

William Houchin, Lynn Haven

“Very thorough. Speed of service. Lisa did a wonderful job. It is the first time someone cleaned the house as thoroughly as I do and she had great tips as well. Excellent, Lisa is fabulous.”

Maria Lola Latson, Panama City Beach

“Your people are wonderful and so kind. I felt so at home with your workers. Did a great job on my carpets and a great job cleaning my house.”

Jennifer Morreira, Panama City

“Fantastic job! The downstairs bathroom she cleaned came up absolutely wonderful! You’ve got some great girls!”

Nita Seanor, Panama City

“This company has been absolutely awesome! Met all of my needs quickly and friendly! Please send me some more of your business cards and information on the services you provide. I have a few friends that own alot of rental properties that have been looking for a reliable and professional company that can meet their needs. I’m sending them to Daystar!”

Kathy Pitts, Lynn Haven

“The house looked great! The home was dusty and the carpets were dirty. It looked perfect after the job was complete. Carol and Lisa did an excellent job.”

Lori Funk, Panama City Beach

“Very pleased! Very happy! Would want you to come back for future service. I couldn’t have cleaned any better.”

Lisa Williams, Lynn Haven

“The person who took my call was very customer friendly. Thrilled – It was so nice to come home to a clean fresh smelling home. Before there was dust streaks, dirty floors and mildew shower. Afterwards it was bright and shiny. Great job on short notice!!”

Linda Wilson, Lynn Haven

“Great! Willingness to please, totally satisfied. No comparison. I will use your company above all others.”

Lewis Winfrey, Panama City

“I was very pleased with the other services your company provided for me. Relieved, comforted. When you have a stranger in your home especially for the first time, it can be an anxious & uncomfortable experience. I felt instantly comfortable around Lisa. I am very aware that it is the people we employ that make businesses what they are. I will use your company again and I will recommend you to my friends!”

Marsha Huron, Panama City Beach

“Very professional … pleased … Believe the ads about Daystar. Reasonably priced.”

Countess Saffold, Panama City

“Steve was very polite, explained what they would do and the cost. Looks great! Before it was dull and drab, after it looks shiny and clean. I will tell my family and friends about your great service. Excellent service, very satisfied. Tech was very polite and helpful.”

Mary Cummings, Panama City Beach

“Very informative, very courteous. Steve is always courteous, friendly, professional. very satisfied with prior cleanings in past. Before – bad; after – great.”

Millicent Sniffin, Panama City

“They have always been pleasant, courtious and articulate… I liked the idea of a locally owned small business that obviously takes pride in professionalism.”

Kate Brackett, Panama City Beach

“Did a great job, especially on the VCT waxing. Looked exactly as I had pictured – makes the room look amazing –bright and open. Your technicians had to work around several workers who were preparing the home for an open house, and were willing to change areas every time I needed them to, due to furniture delivery or installation. They were very willing to work with me and my specific needs! Highly recommend! Thank You!”

Dr. & Mrs. Craig Tilghman, Panama City

“I have used Daystar before. You are easy to schedule with, fast, efficient, service. What a good job was done. Before service it was very dirty, after it was very clean.”

Jane Newsome, Panama City

“Impressed highly. Before I thought I may need new carpet after it looked like new carpet. Wonderful, I would recommend you to everyone with any flooring needs.”

Dawnyel Gowan, Panama City Beach

“Courteous; felt confident that I would have good service; long established; very happy with both tile, carpet and couch upholstery; tile was yellowed in many areas, carpet had high traffic soil; couch very soiled. If you want good reliable service, choose Daystar.”

James & Claire Ryckeley, Panama City Beach

“Polite, pleasant, couteous. The person who came to look at my tile was very informative and pleasant, but was not pushy. Very pleased with job. Technician was on time, worked hard and did a fine job.”

Carolyn Beaudette, Panama City Beach

“Very nice & helpful people in office.Very nice & helpful people during inspection. (After job) I said “WOW” didn’t know it would be so clean again. Cream tile with black grout before & cream tile with mocha grout after. I’d have to say it was great & tech was awesome. I really enjoyed my experience with Daystar.”

Jessica Noles, Lynn Haven

“Every question I had, the technician was able to explain and CORRECT! Absolutely ecstatic — my rugs look brand new, and they were in poor condition. Beautifully clean and softer to walk on! The technician was excellent and I highly recommend him.”

Ellen Barker, Panama City

“I have praised you to the skies to family and friends.”

Carolyn Simpson, Panama City Beach

“Excellent. Phone conversation convinced me of competence and quality at a fair price. Great! The best job yet, I will use your company from now on. Greatly improved. Have used other companies but your technique worked! The technician did very well, he was the best! Courteous, professional, and a great worker. A great job - very professional!”

Lila Blakely, Panama City

“Very helpful, very professional, very pleased with clean rug. Before – very dirty; after – very nice. Very nice young man.”

Joe & Ann Darcy, Panama City

“When I made the appointment to clean my patio, the girl who answered was very professional. I have had you do my patio and rug several times. I have been extremely pleased. The job was done just the way I wanted it. Seeing everything so clean was wonderful. The enclosed patio had been dirty. It was beautiful when the job was finished, I could not get over the change. If you want to have an excellent cleaning job done, call Daystar. They are the best in town. I feel that you and your technicians do an excellent job. The office staff were excellent and they deserve praise.”

Virginia Lindsay, Panama City

“We were pleasantly surprised that the price quote was much lower than we’d anticipated. We were very impressed with your website and customer service when we phoned. Ecstatic! We were afraid our carpet was too “far gone” to come clean. Before: dingy pet stains, etc. After: much cleaner, pet stains gone, fluffier and softer. Great customer service (which is rare to find in this town!) and impressive work.”

John Fields, Panama City

“Very friendly; did a great job. Wear areas looked new. Couch was much better. Very good.”

Mark Brush, Panama City Beach

“Pleased – After cleaning sofas and carpet looked bright and clean – good service, pleasant staff. Fantastic service very polite and pleasant.”

Vanna Lathrop, Panama City

“Excellent. Impressed with employee. Good job, white chairs were soiled but looked much better after cleaning. Excellent service and professional.”

Mike Wallace, Panama City Beach

“Tech did a very good job and was very polite. You were the first and only place I called. I was really happy and felt alot better about my babies crawling around on it. Before the service my floor and chairs had a few black spots, after it smelled and looked really nice. Will tell others to definitely give you a call and try your service.”

Brandi Blackmon, Panama City

“Very polite! Right on time. So happy–it looked so clean. Before there was a lot of spots and it looked dirty. Now it’s all one color! Efficient & courteous & affordable.”

Kelly Merriman, Panama City

“My carpet is 7 years old and it looks fantastic! There’s not a spot on it. This was spectacular. Just like brand new!”

Frankie Day, Panama City

“Your technician was super! He was so good at his job and so professional! I would love to have him come back out and do my couch!”

Leah Dunn, Panama City

“Your tech is very conscientious and thorough, also very personable. Most satisfied! Carpet had not been cleaned since January and pathways were especially dirty. Looked clean, fresh, etc. after cleaning. Highly recommend.”

Sue Holcombe, Panama City

“Your technician was so professional! He took such pride in his work–I was so impressed! It’s a pleasure doing business with a company that has such good employees! He took pride in his work; was courteous.. GREAT.. I will certainly recommend you!”

Rose-Marie Brooks, Panama City

“So Satisfied….It’s like a new carpet!! WONDERFUL!”

Barbara Simmons, Panama City

“We have used Daystar exclussively since our carpet was installed in 2000. Trustworthy and prompt. Excellent!”

George & Edith Helt, Panama City

“Very good. I know what kind of people the Ransoms are so I knew the kind of service I would get. Very Good. Stains and smells were gone. The service was excellent.”

Deedee Albritton, Panama City

“Great! Decided to go ahead and have carpet cleaned the same day of quote. Loved it! I will certainly tell everyone to call you for the service and cleaning. There was nothing that he could have done any better. He was very pleasant and did a wonderful job.”

Margie Lilly, Panama City

“Very pleased how much cleaner this appeared. Carpet was very dirty in high traffic areas & looked as clean as the carpet was under the furniture when done. Best carpet cleaning I have had done. Man was honest & professional.”

Alan Binney, Panama City Beach

“Our dog had gotten sick all over our living room carpet and Daystar worked hard to get someone out that day. We have used you for many years; love Brian – he is very complete in his work. Loved both carpet job and then kitchen floor was superb. Dog was sick on carpet 18 times, need I say more. He did the best job. I always recommend you to friends & family. Everyone was polite and efficient.”

Beverly Smith, Lynn Haven

“Great! Carpet was stained and I wasn’t sure it would clean up. Bad stains in 3 areas; cleaned up beautifully!! Very satisfied.”

Martha Claussen, Panama City Beach

“Made my heart smile! It’s like night and day. Plus the fresh clean smell. He did an outstanding job. He is totally professional and people friendly. Excellent tech.”

Thomas McIntosh, Panama City

“The man was very polite, early. He was friendly but not overly friendly, it was a comfortable situation. My husband heard your ad on the radio and liked your guarantee. Clean and refreshed. I didn’t think it would come so clean. Before it was filthy. I take care of my grandson during the day and his sippy cup drips everywhere. I was shocked at how clean it was. The technician was polite and friendly but business like. He explained why some spots wouldn’t come out and told me how to dry it faster.”

Vicki Johnson, Lynn Haven

“After the service I felt like I never wanted to let the children in the house with their shoes on again! Before – dull, matted and dark. After – light, bodied and fluffy. Excellent job, cheaper than replacement – had a new home and new carpet feeling after the cleaning. The technician even let me know it would take a little longer than normal to dry since it was a rainy/humid day.”

Lisa Tonn, Panama City

“Quality, friendliness. Carpets are 7 years old, but now look almost new. He dried the berber carpet with a special machine. Instead of being wet for 3 days it was only wet for several hours. Thanks.”

Jack Myers, Panama City Beach

“The carpets were very dirty – my mother-in-law is home bound – currently hospitalized and the place needed a good cleaning before she is able to come home. Josh did a great job and was very courteous and thorough!”

Raye Apple, Panama City Beach

“Dear Steve: I recently had the unfortunate opportunity of getting to use your cleaning service for a major problem that I had. I say “unfortunate” not on your behalf… but let me explain… On the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day, my husband and I were working to try and finish getting a rental apartment that we own ready to be rented. Just the week prior to this, we had new carpet and tile installed, and on this day, I was doing some touch up painting in the living room. It was late, we were tired, I was trying to hurry and finish so that I wouldn’t have to do it later that week, so as I was working along, I did not notice that my daughter had left the full bucket of paint on top of the ladder that was now in my way… I proceeded to move the ladder and the paint bucket came crashing down spilling paint all over me and the brand new carpet in the living room. I became hysterical to say the least. My husband immediately called your phone number all while I was still hysterical because I didn’t believe that it could be cleaned. I asked him why he called your company because it was not the one that we normally use. He simply said that he had heard good things about your company and was going to give you a try. He spoke to your technician who I now refer to as a “life-saver,” and he advised to keep the paint wet, not to let it dry out and he would be on his way; he arrived in what seemed like minutes. I was still crying when he arrived, not real hopeful he could make a difference. He went straight to work. As he worked steadily on removing the paint, I began to see that he was right, the paint was coming out, and I could calm down. Then I wanted to cry because he did get it out and he saved us from having to replace the new carpet all together. All I can say is that you have a very good person to represent your company. All my friends and family WILL hear about his good work. We will definitely use your company again!”


Barbara N.

“In awe, amazed, relieved, and ever so happy! All stains were gone. Very professional & friendly service!!! The technician was very polite! My carpet is only 3 years old – you made it look brand new again – I was afraid we would have to buy new carpet!”

Sonja Wells, Panama City

“Respectful, prompt and gave accurate information… courteous demeanor when you came to our home and confidence in cleaning. Fresh job: Very satisfied and pleased. Excellent job and offer an organic and baby safe cleaner.”

Cindy B.

“I cannot thank you enough. You all have been so nice! I’m going to tell everyone to use Daystar! I’m your #1 fan!”

Miki McFatter, Panama City

“Steve, Judy & Staff: Words of gratitude are all I have to offer in repayment for your kindness, generosity and professional job – you have done a wonderful job and my family and I are truly appreciative. After the fire I thought things would never be normal again. They are much better now and you’re a part of it! Thank you and God Bless.”

Mrs. Majors, Panama City

“You all are so professional – and so nice to work with. Thanks for a great job!”

Lesa Bowden, Panama City

“You have done work for us before and are prompt and do a good job and courteous. Fabulous! Disaster after Ivan –wonderfully clean when job was completed. I will definitely recommend your services.”

Charlie Lahan, Panama City

“Thank You for your midnight distress call!! Your technicians are professionals! They take pride in their work ethics! They are concerned for your satisfaction; about our pet! (thank you) and they want their company to succeed! Very hard working young folks!”

Terry Chiodo, Panama City

“Called on a Sunday evening around 9:30 PM, had service by 10:30. Heard name on radio, I know the signifcance of the word “Daystar.” The best service in Bay County. I am so thankful for all you did.”

Charles Giersberg, Panama City

“The free cleaning inspection was friendly and observant. I chose Daystar for the reputation. I was satisfied after the freshly cleaned carpet. Promptness and total satisfaction. Apt 307, Apt 207, Apt 107, excellent drying job, called at 7:30pm, you were there at 8:00pm starting. Prompt service, no time wasted, best advise. Drying carpets after flooding in 3 apts. We recommend Daystar in the highest order.”

Paul Duus, Panama City Beach

“We had a flooding problem and it was taken care of in a very professional manner."

Ron Shafer, Flood Damage
"Very pleasant phone experience. You have always done a better job than your competition. Clean jobs were beautiful and smelled very fresh. Carpets were very dirty – brought carpets back to life – tile had become dull and dingy looking. We tell our friends and family to use you because they will not be dissatisfied. The young men were very good at what they do and very pleasant and friendly. Very professional and very pleasant."
Ken & Kay Coots, Lynn Haven
"Everyone I talked to was friendly and very helpful. The technician kept us informed during the entire process. He also repeated the cleaning on some areas. Your reputation is excellent. I had a political gathering at my house that same weekend and was very proud of how my house and windows looked. All mold and mildew gone; driveway is white again; the windows are so shiny, the birds sit on the window sills and admire themselves in the reflection. I will recommend Daystar for all cleaning services. The technician was so thorough, no one could have done a better job. Working with Daystar personnel was a very positive experience."
Natalie Lewis, Lynn Haven
"Excellent phone experience. I am always impressed with stucco appearance. Brian does great work! Before – 2 years of dirt, bugs, etc; Afterwards – great. Daystar does high quality cleaning. Brian takes his time and goes out of his way to do a great job. He even sprayed and cleaned 2 benches for me."
Debbie Allen, Panama City Beach
"The person I spoke to sounded very professional and polite. Coastal Carpet cleaners said that you were the only ones they knew that could clean my couches. I was amazed by the appearance. My furniture went from almost being thrown out to almost brand new. The price I spent was not enough for the job that was done."
Belinda Edmond, Panama City
Very professional and pleasant. Jeremy was respectful of us and our possessions and willing to answer all questions. Our tile was like “night and day”. Difficult to explain, but very satisfied. Grout was very dirty and dark. Once cleaned it became bright and white. Carpets also are the cleanest they have been since new. We have already told family and friends how wonderfully satisfied we are. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. Jeremy was a “breath of fresh air”. Gordon came out to spot areas and we were so pleased with the manners these two young men exhibited.
Bob & Sheryl Pirrung, Panama City Beach
“There were pet circles before, after it looked like new. How satisfied I am with this service!”
Jean Collins
“Technicians did an excellent job. Loveseat and couch looked very nice-colors were brighter. Your service was excellent.”
Juanita Aubuchon
“Technicians provided excellent service. Both were very professional, friendly, and did a great job cleaning the carpet. It looked 100% better-had the usually worn look, now it looks almost brand new and smells great. Your service was great and everyone associated with the company was very helpful and had a great attitude. Very satisfied customer.”
Tonya Riley, USAF
“Technician was very professional and courteous (and knowledgeable). I would recommend your service.”
Ed Best, USAF
“Excellent, professional service. The spot was dark and afterwards carpet looked new. Will recommend Daystar.”
Sylvia Odenward, Consultant
“Technician was very polite. Very good-satisfied.”
Annette Green, Housewife
“It’s beautiful-would highly recommend your services.”
Paula J. Nutter, Bookkeeper
“Sure looked good and the house feels cleaner. Some of the carpet is very old, but it looks a lot brighter now. Good service, good work.”
Ms. Holt, Sales Associate
“Was thoroughly pleased. If any friend mentions the need for carpet cleaning, I will certainly recommend your company.”
Rose Greenwood
“Satisfied-very knowledgeable.”
Scott Sheffield, USAF Civilian
“Very pleased with services. A burden had been lifted. Clean and bright with fresh smell. Highly recommend.”
Bobbie Gray, Bay Medical
“You are the nicest and most conscientious.”
Janice Phillips, Rehabilitation Manager
“We had a flooding problem and it was taken care of in a very professional manner.”
Ron Shafer
“A super job-recommend your firm.”
Max Clark, Retired
“Great-I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer! I have baby twins who spilled milk all over the floor-it looks great now! Everyone should use Daystar-good service, prompt, polite and they did a great job. I was so impressed by the free spotter, and then a Thank You note in the mail-no improvement needed!”
Janet Singletary, Real Estate Broker
“My carpet looks fantastic! Before there were too many pet stains. After, you could not even tell I had pets!”
Carol Cook, Loan Processor
“Excellent-very polite and professional. Looks like new.”
Fidelma Knight, USAF
“Great-It made a very big difference!”
Georgia Hauffe, Office Manager
“Did a marvelous job (and on chair too)! I’m thrilled it was so thoroughly clean!!”
Charles & Amelia Peek, Retired
“Our carpet looked like it needed replacing-after it looked brand new and smelled very fresh!”
Crystal Kelly
“Great job and very nice, professional employees.”
Carol Pfister, Dental Hygienist
“How satisfied I am with this service!”
Jean Collins

“My deck was dark brown, but after pressure cleaning it was a light pine color. Deck looked good, then I had my sofa cleaned the next day. It looked and smelled very nice. Punctual, friendly, explained process of cleaning, went right to work.”

M. Updegrove

“I was in awe – best it has looked – wish I had tried Daystar before now. My carpet is a little over 2 years old – kids, pets – even though I have it cleaned regularly, it never looked this good after cleaning. I am impressed with the quality of service – but even more so about your customer service!”

Kim Barbero, Senior Administrator

"Immediately upon your departure we began to spread the word. Yes – we will sing of your praises for a long time."

Ruby Blackman

“I have used your service repeatedly. Very satisfied. Before, needed your help. After, looked almost new. I have always been very pleased with each service.”

Holli Persall, Panama City Beach