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Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Tile and grout cleaning can be a difficult and tedious task to tackle on your own. No one wants to spend hours cleaning tile and grout lines by hand. And even after all that work, the results are often less than satisfactory.

Tile and grout are porous, and if they are not sealed properly, those tiny pores will just trap dirt, bacteria, oils, and food deposits. Mopping only contributes to the problem. To effectively clean tile and grout, the cleaning solution must penetrate deep into the pores of the tile and grout to rinse and release trapped soils.

Our state-of-the-art equipment blasts deep-rooted soil and dirt from your tile and grout, leaving behind a sparkling clean look. We utilize hot water and high pressure to loosen soils, coupled with high-powered extraction to life and remove the dirty water. Our cleaning process is efficient and effective, and is truly the only way to ensure clean, healthy floors.

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kitchen tile and grout
tile and grout cleaning

Grout Care

Cleaning grout lines properly is very important. Bleach or ammonia can damage grout and can also be hazardous to your health. Daystar Cleaning and Restoration uses a turbo washer system, which enables us to clean the grout with water heated to a high temperature. We use professional, grout-specific cleaning solutions, and then rinse. Finally, protectant is applied to seal the grout, protecting it from dirt and deterioration.

Unsealed grout lines can absorb spills and become permanently stained. Daystar Cleaning and Restoration uses a high-quality, long-lasting professional sealant to protect your grout, leaving it shielded and easy to clean!

To learn more about caring for your hard surface floor, see our FREE Consumer’s Guide to Hard Surface Cleaning.

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“Did a great job, especially on the VCT waxing. Looked exactly as I had pictured – makes the room look amazing –bright and open. Your technicians had to work around several workers who were preparing the home for an open house, and were willing to change areas every time I needed them to, due to furniture delivery or installation. They were very willing to work with me and my specific needs! Highly recommend! Thank You!”

Dr. & Mrs. Craig Tilghman, Panama City

“I have used Daystar before. You are easy to schedule with, fast, efficient, service. What a good job was done. Before service it was very dirty, after it was very clean.”

Jane Newsome, Panama City

“Impressed highly. Before I thought I may need new carpet after it looked like new carpet. Wonderful, I would recommend you to everyone with any flooring needs.”

Dawnyel Gowan, Panama City Beach

“Courteous; felt confident that I would have good service; long established; very happy with both tile, carpet and couch upholstery; tile was yellowed in many areas, carpet had high traffic soil; couch very soiled. If you want good reliable service, choose Daystar.”

James & Claire Ryckeley, Panama City Beach

“Polite, pleasant, couteous. The person who came to look at my tile was very informative and pleasant, but was not pushy. Very pleased with job. Technician was on time, worked hard and did a fine job.”

Carolyn Beaudette, Panama City Beach