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Upholstery, Drapery & Mattress Cleaning

Most homeowners don’t consider how upholstery, drapery, and mattresses can affect their health. These items, if not cleaned regularly, trap soils, odors, skin cells, allergens, and dust mites, leading to declining indoor air quality and health. But many homeowners may not remember the last time these items were professionally cleaned, or if they ever have been.

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What are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are tiny microscopic relatives of the spider and live on bedding, mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets and drapes. These tiny creatures feed on the flakes of skin that people and pets shed daily, and they thrive in warm and humid environments, like here in Florida. If you are allergic to dust mites, as millions of people are, you may feel like you have an endless cold, or even asthma. You can kill the dust mites on your bedding by washing and drying at very high temperatures.

But for your mattresses, carpets, upholstery and drapes, professional cleaning is needed to kill these tiny, living allergens. Our high-temperature truck-mounted system will rid you of dust mites, along with dirt, oils, food contaminants and other particulate matter which home systems or rentals leave behind.

You’ll breathe easier, not to mention how much brighter, fresher, and healthier your home will look and feel!

Expert Care for Your Upholstery, Drapes, and Mattresses

When cleaning upholstery and draperies, special attention must be made to the type of fabric to ensure the proper method of cleaning is used. Special care will be taken to ensure colorfastness and the safety of the cleaning solution on your fabric. Our skilled and certified technicians have extensive knowledge in the care of upholstery items.

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“Very friendly; did a great job. Wear areas looked new. Couch was much better. Very good.”

Mark Brush, Panama City Beach

“Pleased – After cleaning sofas and carpet looked bright and clean – good service, pleasant staff. Fantastic service very polite and pleasant.”

Vanna Lathrop, Panama City

“Excellent. Impressed with employee. Good job, white chairs were soiled but looked much better after cleaning. Excellent service and professional.”

Mike Wallace, Panama City Beach

“Tech did a very good job and was very polite. You were the first and only place I called. I was really happy and felt alot better about my babies crawling around on it. Before the service my floor and chairs had a few black spots, after it smelled and looked really nice. Will tell others to definitely give you a call and try your service.”

Brandi Blackmon, Panama City
"The person I spoke to sounded very professional and polite. Coastal Carpet cleaners said that you were the only ones they knew that could clean my couches. I was amazed by the appearance. My furniture went from almost being thrown out to almost brand new. The price I spent was not enough for the job that was done."
Belinda Edmond, Panama City